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To produce Sustainable energy effectively you must ensure that the energy you are using doesn’t compromise the needs of future generations. 

Conservation of energy is the easiest to achieve, this can be done in many ways and save you money at the same time.

Recycling can extend the life of a source of energy.

Future Energy
There are several new ways of producing energy. The initial cost of the unit and it’s installation costs should be balanced with the long term savings. The saving may not just be in cost but in the reduction of the impact it has to the environment.

WPL is an internationally recognised leader in the design, manufacture and supply of standardised and bespoke environmental solutions for sewage treatment plants, trade effluent treatment solutions and rainwater harvesting and commercial grease management systems.

With full design, engineering, specification support, customer services and national servicing facilities, you can rely on WPL to assist you every step of the way, giving you total confidence in their products and complete peace of mind

The WPL RainRetain Premium domestic systems are designed to the highest possible standards, and use high quality tanks, pumps and filters. There are two complete systems available in this range, the Home system and the Garden system, in tank sizes 2700 to 6500 litres. Large systems of 7500, 9600 and 13000 litres use two tanks.

The turret system on the neck of the tank can rotate to allow the tank to be installed at any angle. This means the turret can be aligned to pipework independently of the tank itself, for easy installation. The telescopic lid can be tilted to suit ground level once installed for low visual impact. The excavation area is small compared to other tanks and doesn’t require a concrete back fill.

The tanks are made of Duralen, a recyclable material, therefore, further reducing impact on the environment. A truly environmentally friendly system. Made by injection compression moulding, the wall thickness is equal in all areas of the tank, for stability, reliability and strength. Yet it is lightweight and can be supplied in two halves, making transportation and installation easy.

Uses for the WPL RainRetain System:

  • Toilet flushing
  • Laundry Garden irrigation
  • Car washing
  • General cleaning

The tanks have a 15 year guarantee and the pumps have a 2 year guarantee.

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